Brokers Development Expert

  • Post Date: 14/02/2022
  • Last Date: 21/02/2022

Job Description

- To collaborate with the team lead on the strategic direction of respective brokers channel teams. 

- Implementation of annual sales targets. 

-  Assist with implementing sales initiatives within the corporate space. 

- Plan and implement the development of the sales business. 

- Achieve business targets in terms of volumes, market share and profits across all business segments.

- Plan and lead the development of new service delivery channels and other tie-ups to enhance market share.

- Ensure the business is running in compliance with all local/international regulations. 

- Maintain relationships with clients by providing support, information, and guidance.

- Researching and recommending new opportunities, recommending profit and service improvements. 

- Monitor and analyze the performance and profitability of various segments.

- Monitor sales activities, product needs, and service requirements. 

- Ensure timely delivery of quotation requests, new business, and renewals. 

Job Requirements

- Bachelors degree in Business Administration or any related course. 

- Minimum of 5  years of experience.

- CIIN certified.

- In-depth knowledge on market developments. 

- Negotiation skills. 

- Time management skills.

- Relationship management.

- Risk management skills.
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Job Type

Full Time


Minimum of 5 Years